Land Rover Repair

Land Rover Repair

Land Rover Repair in Apex, North Carolina

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Make Maintenance a Priority

Your Land Rover was designed to tackle high-performance on-road tasks and take you on off-road adventures. Routine maintenance at Premier One Automotive should be part of your automotive care plan to keep your luxury SUV performing at its peak. Located in Apex, NC, our proactive approach helps customers avoid unplanned, more costly Land Rover repair services. We suggest following the recommended service intervals for your Land Rover or Range Rover as an easy way to track your service. Oil changes should be scheduled every 5,000 miles so we can replenish fluids and do a complete inspection for problems like oil leaks, low tire pressure, etc. At 10,000 miles, we’ll also check the suspension/steering, monitor coolant, and check the transmission fluid level. For Rover owners, the 30,000- and 60,000-mile marks include a more in-depth inspection to ensure the handling, performance, and longevity of your SUV. If we find an issue like a cracked gasket that requires oil leak repair, we’ll alert you and answer any questions. Needless repairs and hidden costs aren’t how we do business. Expect honesty and total transparency from our friendly staff. When the unexpected happens, we’ll be here with the ASE-Certified technicians and state-of-the-art equipment to perform quality Land Rover repairs you can trust.